Digital Illustrator

Hiya! My name is Posu/Posuegg (she/her) and I'm a digital illustrator (and hopeful Live2D illustrator/rigger) based in the United States EST Timezone. I love drawing very saturated pieces and mostly do fanart for a variety of games, anime, movies, & vtubers.I'm currently in my 20s and originally from the Philippines (although I do not speak much Tagalog...), I love supporting other Pinoy creators! Other than that, I work as a Software Engineer to "get that bag."


Anime BostonApril 7-9, 2023Table 47
Castle Point Anime ConventionApril 29-30, 2023Table 80
FanExpo BostonAug 4-6, 2023Table A1302
MCM LondonOct 27-29, 2023--- (proxy)


Scene ArtistMystacord: IWHEA Parody Fan ProjectFan Parody Cover MVFinished


Page ArtistStylish! PRSK Fashion Zine ProjectProduction
Spot ArtistAd Astra: ScaraMona Anthology ProjectProduction
Page ArtistEarth Guardian's Domain: A Sumeru ZineProduction
Page ArtistSprout's Rebirth: A Nahida & Wanderer ZineProduction
Card ArtistBeyond the Stars: A Bee and Puppycat Major Arcana DeckFormatting
Merch ArtistGuiding Glyphs: TOH Tarot DeckCreation - 25%
Page ArtistEverlasting: A HiyoJun ZineCreation - 25%
Chibi Spot ArtistEnsemble Café ◆◇ An Enstars Food ZinePitching
Merch ArtistHomemade In Hyrule ZinePitching



  • commissions are now open on vgen!

  • Email me for business inquiries!

  • Prices are all in USD, payment is conducted through vgen

  • Please feel free to email me with questions anytime (even if comms are closed!)

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